Sarah. Twenty-five.

Colorado ↠ SoCal ↠ Thailand ↠ New York City

Sinatra tunes | iced coffee | pink peonies | cities that stay up all night | quirky films | vocabulary | aspen trees | chai tea lattes with cinnamon on top | Christmas everything | pumpkin everything | red wine | falling snow | Disneyland | a book to get lost in | encouraging girls to love themselves |

& seeing the world


3 thoughts on “

  1. Sarah…I feel that I should receive academic credit for reading your blog and viewing the gorgeous pictures…Much thanks, Gramps/MaMere

  2. Hey Sarah beth! I know this is super random- but I stumbled upon your Instagram page via a friend and I’m currently sitting on a bus in Bangkok stalking your photos lol and admiring all the beauty you’ve seen! Thank you for posting such stunning and inspirational images! I hope to take so many of the same ones in my travels too! Travel aside- I saw you’re living in NYC now! I was spending a lot of time near NYU before I moved out here -and seeing as you ( like me) Share an affinity for coffee, I wanted to tell you to visit my fav little coffee shop whilst you’re there! It’s called Fair Folks and a Goat and its on Houston! Go! It’s so cute and tiny and the coffee is delish! Also if you pay $25 you get free coffee for a month!!! Again- sorry for the randomness but thanks again for all your lovely photos! They light up my heart! Best of luck at NYU!

    • Sara!! This absolutely made my week! Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope you absolutely love your time in Asia. I miss it all the time. Comment on one of my intas with your handle so I can follow you! And I am absolutely going to check out that coffee shop, I am so excited… $25 for a month is a steal in this city. Blessings, girl!!

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